Audio output

This organ has three built in amplifiers and loudspeakers. This third loudspeaker is an extra dimension with the Orbitone on or when the strings are played. At the front its three sources are connected through a stereo jack connector (8mm). The output level is higher than line level, the volume pedal has to be put at its lowest position for this reason.

It is also possible to take each of the three sources by using the connector at the back. Because this is an old fashion type of connection, it is hard to find a suitable connector. The only way to make a connection rapidly is to solder a cable at the inside of the connector.

Phasing sound with EHX Small stone
The 310 will turn into a Jean Michel Jarre theatre as soon it is connected with an Electro Harmonix Small Stone phaser. Because the organ is stereo and the Small Stone mono, a stereo to mono cable should be used. Connect the output of the Small Stone at the left channel of the mixing desk and use a delay (about a second). Pan the output of the delay to the right.


Built in Orbitone with external input

The organ has a nice chorus-tremolo effect which can also be used externally. At the right side of the back of the organ is a mono entrance [jack-connector]. To hear the effect do the following: in the lower-manual turn off the strings, at the Orbitone panel turn on the Principals lowerman. Switch at the Orbitone panel to Chorus or Tremolo. Balance-, timbre and reverberation faders interfere on the signal.


  1. Thank you for this. Good info! I bought an Emi310 today in a cery good condition! I ordered the smallstone rightaway on Internet.

  2. Nice Michel, goodluck with this great string synthesizer!