restore - buttons 'n faders

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Push buttons and faders must be cleaned with clean air and contact spray on an alchohol base (never use fat-containing spray!). It is important to remove the dirt good before spraying to avoid the dirt being mixed with the spray. The use of Spray is not without risk and will not help in all cases. Always inform about the right kind of spray.

The stringsection panel (picture right) can be removed by a bolt at the upper side of the panel (at the inside: hold the ring and nut during removing to avoid loosing them in the organ).

The bottom panel with its 4 faders is difiicult to remove because one of the screws is partly under the keys. Two keys have to be removed in that case: first release the feather from the key (check picture left), next push the white pin and carefully slide de key towards you. When both keys are removed the screws can be removed (there is also a screw under it).

The panels at the left-hand side of the organ are easy to be removed. At the picture: the back of the upper panel (pay attention to the high voltage on the main switch!).

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