Friday, April 12, 2013

Eminent 310

This site is fully dedicated to the Eminent 310 Unique, a really unique organ with a fascinating 3D sound made by a dutch company at the Green Heart of the Netherlands, Bodegraven. The 310 has a huge popularity under Jean Michel Jarre fans -pioneer in the electronic music genre- who used this organ in 1976 for his well known composition Oxygen part IV.

Eminent 310 was built from the early seventies until the eighties, available in two different implementations: a Theatre version (left) and a Standard version (right). The Theatre version differs in the fact that it has a more classic look and feel and provided with a built-in rhythm box, the so-called Rhythmix (also available separately as an accessory on the Standard version). Both species have the same possibilities and sound equally.

Availability of the 310 is decreasing by the day and appears mainly in the Netherlands. Depending on the state, amounts between 50 and 1000 euros are paid. Some 310s are even offered for free, but usually in poor condition. The 310s were built using only analog parts and had an electronic schematic inside.

This site is made to tell you all you about this amazing instrument, to put you in touch with other Eminent users and to help you with the most common malfunctions. I hope you enjoy it! Best regards from Jan Pieter Geersing.

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